Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream Review


Hello my lovelies!

I am so sorry that I haven’t done a blog post in nearly two weeks!. School was getting really hectic since I  have my end of year exams next week. Since I am only in Transition Year I only have exams Monday, Tuesday and Thursday then I am finished school for 3 months!!. 3 months off school = lots of blog posts so stay tuned for that! So lets get straight into the review.

I bought this BB cream at the end of last summer because I didn’t want to have to wear a  full coverage foundation going back to school and at that time the weather was really hot and foundation was just not staying on my face. This BB cream is quite pricey at €12 in Boots and you don’t get that much product in it.. I must say that I do like this BB cream as it evens out my skin tone and is so easy to blend and gives a dewy finish to the face. This BB Cream gives a light coverage but it is also buildable if you want more coverage. I am in the colour light but it come out more of an ” orange-ish ” colour but when I apply it to my face it automatically matches my skin tone. There is also an SPF of 30 in this BB Cream which means on those hot/sunny days you still have protection from the sun. Over all I really like this product but I think it should come with more product for what you are paying.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and don’t forget to smile today:)

Aoife x










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